Saving Money on TV, Phone and Internet

Ray Child, from Comcast, explains the latest offers and products.

• Introducing the new Comcast HD Triple Play packages – the only Triple Play with FREE HD. No HD equipment or service fees! Plus get access to over 1,000 HD choices at any time! That’s everything from entertainment to sports to movies. The HD Triple Play package of services includes Comcast Digital Cable, High-Speed Internet service and Digital Voice phone service.

• With 1,000 HD choices, Comcast offers more HD programming than any other provider, whether you like college or professional basketball, great movie options or your favorite TV series – Comcast has you covered. You’ll also get Comcast On Demand Service which gives you more than 10,000 programming options to choose from any time of the day, any day of the week, with pause, fast forward and rewind capability. Think of it as the world’s biggest virtual pre-programmed Digital Video Recorder available anytime at your finger tips.

• The HD triple play package includes ultra-fast high-speed internet connection and depending on the package you choose, you could get internet access speeds of up to 16 megs download per second. With that kind of speed you could download a 700 MB movie in less than 6 minutes.

• Comcast Digital Voice phone service offers unlimited local and nationwide long-distance service and 12 of the most popular long distance calling features including caller ID and voice mail.

Call Comcast by February 22nd and there can be something extra in it for you.

• If you sign-up for Comcast’s HD Plus Triple Play, or HD Preferred Triple Play or HD Premier Triple play by February 22nd, with a two-year agreement, you’ll get a $200 gift check to do with as you please. Think of it as free HD and $200 in your pocket.

For more information call 1-800-COMCAST.

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