Say Goodbye to Cellulite

We have had that moment where we look at our arms, thighs, bottom or
stomach and wonder when the last time was was that we ate cottage cheese.
And why is it just barely under my skin? Cellulite is a fat tissue that develops
in a layer of skin. Studio 5 Contributor Holly Stone shares her secrets to
battling the bumps…

Some Of The Causes

1. Who You Are
Simply because you are a woman, your female hormones such as estrogen
can contribute to the development of cellulite which is why women are more
likely to develop cellulite than men.. Insulin and your thyroid may also

2. Where You Came From
Your ancestors may have passed certain characteristics to you which now
make you the prime candidate for cellulite. A slow metabolism, insulin
disorders, poor circulation, and how your fat is distributed can result in

3. What You Eat
Excessive salt, heavy carbohydrates, too little fiber and not drinking enough
water are all pathways to an appearance of cellulite.

4. What You Do (Or Don’t Do)
Do you sit for long periods of time? Do you smoke? Are you continually on
your feet? Is exercise just “something you will think about tomorrow”? If you
stay in the same position for too long and don’t exercise your muscles,
cellulite will show up as an invited guest.

5. How You Dress
Healthy blood flow is part of getting rid of cellulite. If you wear clothing that
is too tight, you can block this blood flow and keep the cellulite from

Dimples, and ripples, and cottage cheese! Now what?

From radio frequency treatments to break up the cellulite to laser treatments
which destroy its fibers, cellulite reducing procedures with high price tags
are drawing in huge crowds. But the solution is now in your hands. With
some vigor and determination, your skin will be summer worthy with
products that actually work. Remember when you apply topical gels/creams,
brisk circular motions over the area you are treating are the best way to
conquer cellulite.

Lessen Its Appearance
Lotions, gels and creams claim to get rid of cellulite. Is this possible? Not by
just a cream alone. However, there are a couple of products that
SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE the orange peel look with powerful cellulite
minimizing formulas. Pairing ingredients that stimulate blood flow and
encourage drainage, with ingredients that tighten the skin to smooth over
any areas that look bumpy make this cream a highly rated performer. 80%
reduction in the appearance of cellulite. And it takes the least amount of time
to show results-approx 3 weeks.
Murad Firm and Tone Serum $97

Tighten Up
The sheer act of plumping the skin will reduce the appearance of cellulite.
Here is where you can really save money. By moisturizing the skin, it will
appear more youthful, by tightening the skin, it will appear more firm and by
infusing the skin with antioxidants, it will appear plumper. You won’t see the
cellulite in front of this healthy canvas. A BEST KEPT SECRET THAT WORKS
Claudalie Firming Lotion $35

Minimize Its Function
Crashing the cellulite party may be the most fun you have all summer. By
rubbing vigorously in the areas that show cellulite, you can break up the
connective fat strands and loosen the flow of liquid thus shrinking these fat
cells into a more manageable radius. Use the cellulite scrubber first and
vigorously work the products into the skin. You will see an INSTANT
difference in your skin. Keep up this routine and cellulite won’t bother you at
Bliss FatGirlSlim Treatment Kit $38

Glow It Gone
The easiest way to minimize the appearance of cellulite is to conceal the
contrast between the lighter dimples, and the concave ripples. Light and dark
emphasize each other. Smooth the uneven tone with a sunless tanning lotion.
Great for the legs and arms, work a generous amount of self-tanning product
over the area of concern. Your cares will melt away as the sun-kissed glow
begins to emerge. Cellulite? What Cellulite?
Too Faced Tanning Bed in a tube $28

Flush It Away
Put the chips and pretzels down and walk away from the Diet Coke. Flushing
the toxins with water and herbal supplements is the best way to prepare to
wash away the look of your orange peel thighs. Herbal Extracts like borage
oil, grapeseed extract, and Ginkgo biloba stimulate circulation and aid in the
metabolism of fat cells. Get the blood flowing and increase the liquid that will
carry the waste from the fat cells in your skin tissues and watch dimples
smooth away.

Fight Its Return
Daily exercise is the guard that stands at the gate refusing entrance to
cellulite. It will always be knocking at the door, sometimes in small amounts,
or occasionally in large areas. If you are constantly on the move, cellulite
can’t hit a moving target. Which means you can hit the pool, beach or simply
show your arms with more comfort.

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