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Second-time mom? Update your baby registry! Replace, reuse, and refresh these 7 things

As a second-time mom, you don’t have to rely solely on hand-me-downs!

With baby number one, you got most of your baby stuff from the shower and through recommendations. Now that number two (or three…or four?) is on the way, you know what works for you. You might have some worn out items, or maybe, you just want something new! Refresh your baby registry with some updates.

Studio 5 Style Editor Daylan Dove shares some of the things she is loving right now for baby number two. With one or several children already running around, save yourself some time when sterilizing those baby bottles. And, make sure baby has a calm environment to sleep in.


Second-Time Mom Baby Registry

High Chair Accessories, $12-$34

Minimal Diaper Pack, $175

Ultimate Newborn Bundle, $68

Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer, $129.99

Hatch Rest Plus Sound Machine, $89.99

Name Nursery Banner, $85

Nursery Banner, $24

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