Secrets for Prepping and Fertilizing your Soil

USU Horticulturist and Ogden Botanical Garden director, Jerry Goodspeed has tips on soil preparation.

Healthy Soil is the Key to a Successful Garden. How do you know if your soil is healthy? Here are some guidelines:
Healthy Soil:

• High Organic Matter

• Good nutrient Levels

• Good drainage

• Workable

• Holds some moisture

The best way to improve soil is to add organic matter.

Types of Organic Matter you can use:

Soil Pep

Aged Manure

Compost from different places

Grass clippings


For more information on soil preparation and composting click on the following links:

Jerry L. Goodspeed

Utah State University Extension

Weber County

Director – Ogden Botanical Gardens

(801) 399-8201

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