Water Damage Clean Up

Jordan Harwood, from Official Restoration Company, explains how the technology works.

Water Damage

Containing water damage quickly provides more options for restoration. When called upon immediately after an incident, our water damage restoration crews have not only successfully restored commercial and residential spaces, but furniture, appliances and even art to their original condition.

Fire Damage & Smoke Damage

Fire can be one of the most traumatic events a family or business owner can experience. Although fire damage and smoke damage may appear irreversible, Official Restoration Company regularly restores property and valuables to their pre-loss conditions.

Mold Removal

Awareness of the adverse health effects caused by mold has
grown over the last decade; studies have shown mold to cause
a wide array of health problems, from nasal congestion to severe allergic reactions. Our mold removal experts help you and your
family avoid potential health problems by controlling moisture
and eliminating mold growth.

Restoration Experts

Our experienced team of restoration experts are skilled at utilizing the latest industry-specialized equipment in rapid response to alleviate your worries and quickly mitigate your damages. We are
not a franchise, we are independently owned and operated – we take pride in our services and our professionally trained technicians take pride in restoring your home or business back to normal quickly,
with minimum disruption.

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