Spring Décor on the Cheap

Tausha Hoyt with Sassy Style Redesign shares some clever ways to repurpose and renew on the cheap.

When decorating on the cheap remember to repurpose what you already have and don’t forget to visit the dollar and/or thrift stores.

1. Idea #1: Pillow

I picked this up at the DI for $1. It was cute as is, but needed a little something extra. So, I added a flower that I made out of old scraps of fabric, lace and some left over ribbon. I just hot glued this on. If you want to-you could sew it-but I am so not that patient. Now it’s a darling spring pillow! I am planning on keeping this out until fall because I love it so much.

2. Idea #2: Runner

This is a runner that I made with the help of the dollar store. I bought these two towels at the dollar store-I liquid stitched them together-because I don’t sew.

I then added some flowers from leftover fabric and scraps of ribbon. Super easy and the whole project took me under 10 minutes. It you want to speed up the drying process of the liquid stitch-iron on the opposite side in which you glued. I glued the flowers and the stems on with hot glue. Again-you could sew this. I don’t sew-I glue.

3. Idea #3: Eggs

Who said eggs were just for Easter! Birds are a big symbol of spring at our house. So … I made a bird, eggs and a nest. Get some plastic Easter eggs, your white craft paint and go to town. It takes about two coats to cover the eggs. Let each coat dry. I then flecked them with brown craft paint and a toothbrush. I “polyed” them so they wouldn’t chip.

Super easy! These eggs would be darling in an apothecary jar or in a dish sitting on a table. Or, you could put them in this little nest.

I grabbed a small grapevine wreath, some Spanish moss and some sticks from yard. I just hot glued everything together. I topped it off with a little dollar store bird that got a mini makeover with some craft paint!

4. Idea #4: Apothecary Jars

I love apothecary jars and I have a lot of them. I struggle with what to put in them when the seasons change. Sure, I could keep them the same all year-but what fun would that be?

So, I got to thinking and I headed to the dollar store. I have seen moss rocks all over the catalogs, but did you know that you can buy them at the dollar store?
I just bought a couple packs of moss rocks and some not “fake-looking” flowers and went to town. I love the result! Again-cheap and easy!

5. Idea #5: Vinyl

I have a fabulous friend, Shelly, who does some great vinyl! I told her what I was looking for and she came through with flying colors! I found this tin at the dollar store and the tulips were from the DI. I redid the scary 80’s looking tulips with paper. I stuck the vinyl on the front of the tin, added some Styrofoam and voila!

Check out Shelley’s vinyl at www.wonderfullywordy.blogspot.com

6. Idea #6: Teacups

I just went to the D.I. and picked up these teacups and saucers. I think it was $2 for all of them. I added a simple ribbon and planted some primroses in them. Now, because there is no drainage in the cups, just put a little bit of gravel in the bottom of the cup and you are good to go. You could also use fake flowers if you want to.

7. Idea #7: Clay Pots

I love clay pots! I love them because they are so versatile. Again-picked them up at the di-I painted them some fun spring colors and I planted some wheat grass in them. This grass will sprout within a few days and it will keep growing as long as you keep it watered and in the sun! You will be giving this a hair cut-a lot!
IFA and CAL ranch stores carry the seeds as well as some health food stores.

8. Idea #8: Fake Plants

My final tip is so easy! I went to the dollar store and bought some of the most un-fake looking plants I could find. I then added them to jars and containers that I already had. They are perfect just sitting around. Just add a touch of color and they won’t die! My kind of plants! Remember: You want to get the plants that don’t look plastic.

Sassy Style Redesign is not your typical interior design business. They are a mother-daughter duo that possesses an innate ability of turning a “blah” room into something inviting and homey. Making homes look “new again” but not losing the personal touches is what they strive for when decorating a home. They use innovative ideas and take the furniture, knick-knacks and other pieces you already have and incorporate them in ways that completely transform your home. Sassy Style Redesign offers free in-home consultations and travels anywhere from Logan to Salt Lake City.

The Sassy Stylers can be reached at (801) 737-4554 or visit their website at www.sassystyleredesign.blogspot.com.

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