Service Soapbox: Blogger Baby Shower

Studio 5’s Brooke Walker reports.

“Sherbet Blossom.”

“Regarding Annie.”

“House of Smith’s.”

“The Harker Herald.”

They are names you know. Perhaps not familiar faces, as it’s their words you read. Now, all of these popular Utah bloggers are uniting their voices to make a difference. They call themselves “Service Soapbox.”

“We felt like ‘Service Soapbox’ was a great way to collectively gather bloggers who have this wonderful platform, or soapbox, where we can stand promote good causes, great events and unite all of these great people,” explains Becca Dulgarian, a local blogger who helped form the group.

In addition to helping those in need, Dulgarian loves the opportunity to meet and mingle with women she reads about daily.

“It’s a little bit of a stretch to ask people to come out of their comfort zone – it’s a lot easier to be comfortable on your blog than it is in person. But when you meet these people, you realize they are just as fun and cool as they are online,” Dulgarian said.

Studio 5 dropped in their second event…a blogger baby shower! Each guest was asked to bring a gift – baby products to be donated to the March of Dimes Teddy Bear Den, a program that helps low-income women and mothers.

Those who attended said they appreciated the opportunity to use their voices for more than just blogging.

“We have this vehicle in which we can reach a lot of women,” explains Sue Marchant, another local blogger. “It’s a way we can encourage people to remember to spend time doing good.”

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