Setting the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Michelle Virtue with BYU Campus Craft & Floral shares tips for setting the perfect Thanksgiving Table.


• Plan a meal to suit your guests.

• Avoid OVERDOING. Keep things simple, elegant, and tasteful. You should never be too busy to enjoy your own party.

• Use things you already have in your home.

• Think outside of the box. A Thanksgiving celebration need not be centered around a Turkey made of fake feathers and gumdrops. Search magazines, experiment, and borrow.

• Details matter. If appropriate, use place cards, linen napkins, and REAL dishes. Paper plates are perfect for picnics, but have NO place on your Thanksgiving table.

• Make Thanksgiving meaningful for guests of all ages. Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder of the reasons for the seasons. Use any opportunity to invite guests to share and express their gratitude.

• Your Thanksgiving meal can be interactive. It should be a time for good conversation, laughter, and reuniting friends & family.

• Ensure that young guests are well taken care of. Try designing a Thanksgiving children’s table around your favorite Thanksgiving children’s book.


Supplies Needed:

• 6-10 stems of twigs/branches. I prefer using a willow branch that is still soft and malleable.

• Clippers & wire cutters.

• 2 feet of wire. It’s best if the wire matches the vine or twigs . . . no unsightly mechanics to hid that way!

• Glass vases with a neck narrow enough to be woven into the plant material.

• Flowers, leaves, branches, etc. to accent your tablescape.

• Assorted decorations. Use anything and everything to make your table personal, interactive, and FUN. Pull items from your jewelry case, Christmas decor


1. Bundle half of your twigs with wire. Incorporate the other half into your first bundle going the opposite direction. Use wire to attach loose stems

2. Once your armature is the shape, tightness, and size you want, the fun begins. Place glass vases on your table and then place the armature atop. Weave the twigs around the vase openings.

3. Place fresh flowers in the glass vases. Keep them low and near your form. Centerpieces should enhance the dining experience—not prevent guests from interacting. Fresh flowers are wonderful in any centerpiece. Fall flowers that are especially wonderful this time of year are dahlias, lilies, and mums. I love the richness of hydrangea or roses, but REALLY anything that suits your eye or color scheme will work wonderfully. If you don’t have access or a budget for fresh flowers, take a walk through your yard to forage for foliages, berries, or evergreen.

4. Finally, add touches of whimsy that will make your table memorable. Mini picture frames tied into your armature with ribbon make a creative substitute for the traditional place card. Small ornaments, jewelry, paper crafts, garlands, etc.

For a great selection of fresh flowers and home décor, visit BYU Campus Craft & Floral:

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