Shave Ice Truck Comes to Utah

Shave Ice Truck Comes to Utah
You have seen an ice cream truck, but now that same concept is carrying shaved ice. The 20 Days of Summer kicks off by giving you your first look at mobile shaved ice that could be coming to a neighborhood or party near you.

Kathy Gift is with Kona Ice of Davis County and explains how it works.

Kona Ice, owned by Steven and Kathy Gift of Davis County, is a unique mobile shaved ice franchise that recently opened in Utah. The colorful Kona Entertainment Vehicle features a patented “Flavor Wave” station where customers can add their own flavors to a cup of Kona snow, creating a fun, interactive experience that sets the franchise apart from your typical ice cream truck or shaved ice shack.

“When I first saw the Kona Entertainment Vehicle, I knew I had to have one,” said Steve Gift. “We provide more than shaved ice and ice cream; we really provide a fun unforgettable experience.”

The idea for the business was inspired by Kona Ice founder, Tony Lamb of Kentucky, whose young daughter’s first encounter with a traditional ice cream truck consisted of scratchy music, a beat-up van, and freezer-burned ice cream. That experience led him to create an entirely new, more professional spin on mobile treats.

Kona ice is perfect for any occasion. “We do neighborhood and birthday parties, grand openings, community and school events, corporate events, youth sports, daycares, really anything where folks are looking to have fun,” said Kathy Gift.

Kona Ice of Utah currently covers Davis County and the surrounding areas. Due to the popularity of the business, the Gifts plan to expand their franchise in 2012 by adding additional trucks.

Kona Ice can be contacted by going to or calling 801-810-4234.

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