Shirley J: Cheesy Sliders

A simple seasoning transforms into an amazing appetizer!

Becky Olsen with Shirley J shares how to make cheesy sliders.

Cheesy Sliders

· 1 1/2 Tbs Shirley J Onion Seasoning
· 1 lbs Ground Beef
· 1/4 c. Mayonnaise
· 1 c. Cheddar Cheese, Grated
· 10-12 oz Cheddar Or American Cheese, Sliced Thin (optional)
· 1/2 c. Sliced Pickles(optional)
· Buns
· 2 c. Shirley J Honey White Bread Mix
· 1 Tbs Instant Yeast
· 3/4 c. Warm Water


Prepare one batch of Bread Mix according to package directions for rolls.
This batch will yield approximately one dozen rolls.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cover a baking sheet with aluminum foil,
spray with cooking spray, and set aside. Combine ground beef and Onion
Seasoning in a large skillet. Cook over medium heat until the beef is
crumbly and evenly browned. Drain and discard any excess drippings.
Remove from heat, and mix mayonnaise and grated cheddar cheese with
ground beef. Cut the rolls in half and lay the bottoms on the prepared
baking sheet. Spread the cheese and beef mixture on the bottom half of
each roll and replace tops. Cover with another sheet of aluminum foil
sprayed with cooking spray. Bake until burgers are heated through and
cheese melts, about 20 minutes. Top with sliced cheese and pickles, if

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