Shoe Smarts

Shoe Smarts

Stepping into high heels can hurt! But you don’t have to suffer for fashion’s
sake. Cool, new products make wearing stylish shoes, less painful. Dr.
Annemarie Edwards, a podiatrist and shoe lover, shows us her top product

*Dr. Remedy Nail

*TheraPED Hot Cold Foot Wrap-

*Womens Heaven 4 Toes Fina Bunion Cushion-

*Womens Heaven 4 Toes Alba Round Toe Cushion-

*Womens Heaven 4 Toes Donatella Strap-

The above products were provided by the American Podiatric Medical
Association and carry the APMA Seal of Approval. Visit:

Chandlers Walke Shoppe-

Avaron by New Balance-

Podiatrist, Dr. Annemarie Edwards, treats diseases and injuries of the foot
and ankle.

For more information visit

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