Shop with a Purpose

Skip the dressing room debate, and say good-bye to buyer’s remorse.

Amber Evans, Owner of Stars Talent Studio, shares her 5-step smart
shopping strategy.

Want a way to save money, time, and frustration? All you have to do is ask
yourself a few questions sublimely before each purchase. If you are cleaning
out your closet, you can go through the same questions and get rid of the
clothes that you don’t wear and just take up space.

1. Seek for a “distinctive style” that express your personality and

Select from the following top styles:

Look 1: Basic/Sporty Casual
Look 2: Retro/Vintage
Look 3: Ultra Male/Female
Look 4: Hollywood Glam/Rockstar
Look 5: Classic & Tailored
Look 6: Full-out Trendy

Carry in your purse or memorize which stores carry your favorite styles and
find out when their best sales are throughout the year. Window shop if you
are not sure.

2. Pick outfits that fall into you color palette
Using the right colors will enhance your skin, hair, and eye color and
communicate style, vibrancy and fashion awareness.

Color Palette 1: Natural bunette, deeply colored eyes, porcelain
white, yellow-ish olive, olive, or dark skin. Most ethnic groups fit here
including African American, Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, Indian, Islander,
Native American, and Hispanic. If you fit into this palette-you should wear
JEWEL TONES. Jewel Tones include: ruby(deep red), navy, black, burgundy,
violet, deep forest green, dark pink, royal blue, etc.

Color Palette 2: Natural redhead or brunette, ivory skin with a hint
of coral in their cheeks, golden brown eyes, freckles. If you fit into this
palette-you should wear EARTH TONES. Earth tones include: copper, army
green, olive, camel, chocolate, terracotta, sand, pewter, etc.

Color Palette 3: Natural golden brown, auburn or strawberry
blonde hair, usually freckles, usually rosy cheeks, eyes are usually light blue
or green. If you fit into this category you should wear TROPICAL COLORS.
Tropical colors include: parrot green, aqua, lemon, lime, apricot, raspberry,
coral, turquoise, periwinkle, etc.

Color Palette 4: Natural blonde, pale skin brunette, light eyes, pale
and pink skin undertones. If you fit into this category you should wear LIGHT
PASTELS & LOW LEVEL CONTRASTING COLORS. This includes ice blue, pale
yellow, lilac, candy pink, burnt sugar, lavender, beige, light gray, silver, etc.

3. Make sure you buy clothes that fit you correctly
Girls–wear clothing that creates an hourglass illusion which will flatter your
figure. Guys—wear clothes that will create an inverted pyramid illusion, and
that are comfortable.

Carefully consider the size to make sure it fits your body in all the right
places. Ask yourself before purchasing new items if the outfit creates an
hourglass illusion. Make sure the item is not too baggy, hangs too long, or is
too tight.

4. Be aware of the messages your style shoots off
Just as our body language shows off our confidence, so does our style. As
you assemble your outfits be aware how you put things together can show if
you are put together or sloppy. Also make sure your outfit is appropriate for
the occasion.

5. Shop at the right times (off seasons & sales) and with the right

Bring a shopping list (so you find what you need), shop with a set amount of
money/bring cash (so you don’t over spend-shopping with a debit card is a
license to overspend). Budgeting in for “mad money” also keeps you from
being tempted to go wild in the stores. Also shop at the right places, try
thrift stores if you need to save money. Purchase Stars Style Cards, call to
order them at (801) 201-5885. Style cards tell you what your color palette is
and what styles to choose to shop with confidence!

By Amber M. Evans, © 2011, All Rights Reserved.


Photography: Debra (801) 484-1098

Graphic Design: Tonya Adams

Fabrics: Elaine’s Quilt Block located at 6970 S. 3000 E. Cottonwood Heights
(801) 947-9100

Amber M. Evans is talent agent, international model and actress, TV host,
beauty expert, author, former Miss New York (Contestant in the Miss Teen
USA on CBS) and owner of STARS Talent Studio. For over 20 years in the
entertainment industry, Amber worked for a prestigious talent agency
discovering and developing thousands of models, professional athletes,
world-renowned singers, celebrities and actors.

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