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Show YOUR parents love! 5 ways to strengthen that relationship in adulthood

Show your parents love, especially as an adult.

You may be a parent now, but you were once the child. The relationship you have with your own parents still matters.

Mentor and teacher, TJ Faamausili shares that although many of our parents are no longer here on earth, it’s important to reflect on all those who loved and took care of us. He shares five ways to show love to your parents today.

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5 Ways to Show Love to Your Parents

  1. Thank them for something they’ve done for you.
  2. Learn your parent’s love languages and/or express love to them in some way.
  3. Let your parents into a struggle or a goal that you’re working on.
  4. Think of something your parents have taught you, reflect on how it’s helped you and/or start practicing it more.
  5. Think about a particular way your parents raised or taught you that you want to use in your own parenting, share it with your parents.

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