Showing Off Your Summer Photos

Jonnie Hartman, from Hartman Dance Interiors has some fun ways to let everyone see what you’ve been doing all summer.

Gallery Style Picture Hanging


Curtain rod, ribbon or wire, various frames, EZ hangups ( little plastic adhesive that act as a hook for frame)

1. Select pictures.

2. Adhere EZ hang ups.

3. Thread ribbon or wire through the back of frame.

4. Tie ribbon to curtain rod connecting the frame and rod. Easy!

3D Memory Box


Wooden or cardboard box, multiple photos of family event or vacation, double stick tape, puffy dots ( puffy stickers that raise image off paper). scissors, and any memorabilia you would like.

1. Select Pictures, make sure they are the appropriate size to fit in your box.

2. Decorate box outside the way you desire.

3. Cut out pictures leaving room to fold bottom into a tab that will stick to the box.

4. Lay out design, and adhere pictures overlapping at different levels.

5. Ad mementos.

Metal and Magnet Rotating Photo Display


Steel sheeting, ( found at the hardware store near welding supplies) the sheets come in many sizes and thickness. Make sure you get steel not aluminum. Magnets will not stick to aluminum.
large gauge nail and hammer, key ring connectors or ribbon to connect metal sheets, Magnets.

1. Select size you would like you metal sheets.

2. Hammer holes near each corner of the sheet( use a piece of wood underneath for protection)

3. Connect sheets of metal with key connectors or other material.

4. Place photos on with magnets and embellish.

Photo Mirror Travel Log


Mirror, paint pen preferably in light color, photos, double stick tape.

1. Cut photo to fit mirror, leave room for writing.

2. Adhere photo with double stick tape.

3. Write you favorite experience, poem etc. with paint pen. If you mess up if comes off with Windex.

Jonnie has more ideas for all aspects of your home interior. You can get more information by visiting her website,

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