Showy Décor for Spring: Paper Lollies

Imaginative paper crafter Margie Aslett shows how to create these large paper medallions to hang the front windows of your home.

Supplies needed:

• paper: scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, news paper, old book paper ETC. {any paper works}

• hot glue gun

• Stapler

• bone folder

• sticks of varying widths/sizes: from bamboo skewers – larger wooden dowels {if you want Lollie pops}

• tulle, ribbon, lace, pearl strands, feathers, jewels, buttons, doilies, scrapbook embellishments, etc.


1. Decide what size lollie you want to create…It is important to note that you will need 3 equal size sides to create 1 circle lollie… As example: 3 6×6-inch papers creates a 6-inch circular lollie!

2. Fold each piece in a fan and fold fan in half. Using the bone folder here helps. Make sure your folds are the same size on all three pieces.

3.Staple or hot glue each fan in the center fold.

4.Attach all 3 fans together again, using hot glue or stapler.

5.Decorate the center of each lollie using the embellishments you have set aside using hot glue or other adhesive depending on what you are using for your center!

6. To create a Lollie Pop adhere a skewer or dowel {depending on your lollie’s size & weight} from the back side of your lollie between two of your folds. Use plenty of hot glue to adhere it!

7. To create a hanging lollie, punch a hole into two of your folds {for strength} and tie ribbon, tulle, or fishing wire to hang!
Get Creative! Use your craft supplies, or go out and be inspired by beautiful Spring Scrapbooking paper! Just have fun making lollies!

Papers used:

The Girls’ Paperie by Margie

Also find Margie at:

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