Simple Canvas Artwork

Hollie Dance, from Hartman Dance Design shows how to create a personalized artistic piece with some simple materials and a little imagination.


Any size of Canvas (This can be purchased from your
local craft store)

1 sheet scrapbook paper

Painters tape


Paint and brush

Spray adhesive


1. Take your canvas and tape off a border. This can be any width, but just make sure it is the same width all the way around.

2. Paint the area you taped off and the outside edge of the canvas

3. Cut your scrapbook paper to the desired shape and Spray the back of it with the spray adhesive and mount it in the center of your canvas.

4. You’re all done, just hang this on the wall with a nail! You can get creative with different shapes of borders and paper. Also try replacing the canvas with wood for a whole new look!

For more information, you can contact Hollie at

Hartman Dance Design


You can also see more of her creations at:

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