Simple, Fun Kid Gifts

Studio 5 Contributor Lisa Doutr’e McDermott and her girls share these exciting children’s gift ideas with us.


Fabric covered hair bands

1. Supplies needed…

a. Plastic hair band

b. Ribbon long enough to cover hair band (about 17 inches)

c. Fray check and Fabri-Tac

d. Embellishments as desired (flowers, bows, beads, brads, etc.)

e. The Lace Place located at 2682 South Highland Drive Ste. 101,
801-474-BOWS(2697) has all the supplies and nice people willing to help
you in any way.

2. Apply Fray Check to the ends of ribbon and allow to dry.

3. Apply Fabri-Tac to the hair band. Center lace on hair band and smooth as you glue down in 2-3 inch sections. Leave ½ inch of ribbon at each end to finish by folding over on the inside of the band. Allow to dry and embellishments if desired.

Monogram Plaque

1. Supplies needed

a. Unfinished wooden plaques $1.79

b. Vinyl letter rub-ons $1.00

c. Sand paper

d. Paints

e. Clear coat

f. Ribbon

g. Supplies are sold at the Wood Connection located at 6680 So. Cottonwood St. 801-265-2255.

2. Lightly sand plaque

3. Coat with desired paint and let dry. Coat with Clear coat to seal the wood.

4. Apply vinyl letter with a credit card or popsicle stick.

5. Thread ribbon through holes and tie.

Fleece Scarf

1. Supplies needed

a. ¼ yard of fleece

b. Sharp scissors

2. Make sure fabric is cut straight and even

3. Cut fabric ends every 1 inch to the desired length of fringe ( 3″-5″)

4. You may knot the fringe of embellish if desired

Friend Photo Books

1. Supplies needed

a. Small photo book of your liking

b. Pictures of you and your friend

c. Color a card for a cover page

2. Assemble

Foam Monogram

1. Supplies needed

a. Foam letter

b. Ribbon

c. Fun foam shapes for embellishment

2. You can apply fun foam shapes and tie ribbon onto the letter or give them
unassembled in a small plastic bag for your friend to put together as a fun craft.

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