Sister Missionary Mall: Pack a “Lean and Mean” Suitcase

That space is your suitcase is extremely limited, but a good traveler knows how to pack “lean and mean.”

Jennifer Theobald with Sister Missionary Mall shows how to stretch your travel wardrobe.

Planning a wardrobe for travel can be maddening since space is now limited like never before. For air travel, checked baggage charges and weight limits lead to hefty fees for over-packing. Even for road trips, smaller cars and record high gasoline prices mean that the answer is to learn to pack “lean and mean.”

First step is to evaluate how long you will be gone and what your activities will be while you are away. Are you going to need day to night items? Will you need a “Sunday Best” outfit? Are you going to a place where the weather is warmer or colder? All of these things could be considerations that determine how much you pack.

Secondly, when you begin to choose pieces to pack, pack in coordinating outfits that can be easily interchanged and easily cared for. It often helps to choose a color scheme, and find pieces that will coordinate together. Any item that is a “unitasker”—meaning it can only be worn with one outfit or for one purpose—should be left home, unless you need it for something specific (like a bridesmaid dress for a wedding.)

Thirdly, make sure that everything is in good repair and clean when you pack it. If it isn’t clean when you pack it, then it can make everything else in your suitcase smell less than clean. On this subject, also make sure to bring a plastic bag for dirty clothes so they stay separate from clean clothes while traveling.

Finally, make sure that if you are packing in one suitcase with all of your toiletries that they are in separately sealed plastic bags so that you don’t have any mishaps with product during your travel. Air pressure changes can lead to containers popping open and big messes even while driving and changing altitude.

SisterMissionaryMall is a great place to find and build outfits perfect for travel as well as travel accessories and gear. We specialize in items that fit and wear well, and can be easily cared for. After all, our products are specifically designed to look great and last for ladies serving all over the world for 18 months, so they are a savvy traveler’s dream.

The store is located at 210 East University Parkway in Orem, UT. Store hours are from 9am to 7pm on Mondays, and 9am to 8pm Tuesday through Saturday.

We have more information, outfit inspiration, travel tips, and missionary tips on our blog. . You can also shop 24 hours a day online at . Not all items in the store are on the website, so come down to the store to see the whole collection. We also get new pieces in each week, so check back often!

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