Six Secrets to Successful Mothering

Laura Tanner is one of the presenters at the Successful Mothering Convention. She shares her six secrets to becoming more effective at home.


Secrets to becoming more effective at home


All ships have a captain. All companies have a CEO. All households need a captain, CEO, leader, decision maker, someone in charge. Step up to the plate. Take charge. It will empower you and all those around you. Yes, of course, you can share job titles, tasks and chores. But in the end, Mom is pretty much the barometer of the household. Traditionally this is true and even now with the change of times, women’s liberation, equality and affirmative action. In the end when it is all said and done, the woman runs the children scene and the homefront. She always has and probably always will. We want to make it official. We want to speak it aloud. Claim your role and your territory. We know that Motherhood is not a punishment but a reward. It is also a tremendous responsibility. Remember, responsibility means the ability to respond. Respond by being in charge.


No one knows better than you how tired you are, how drained you become and how frustrating it can be being a new Mom. No one knows better than YOU what you need and what you don’t need. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of your loved ones. The more you give yourself, the more you will have to give. Be proactive in the process. Schedule down time for yourself. Keep it in check. Give up the drama of waiting until you are sick in bed, pathetic and pale. Bring balance to your work and your play. All will appreciate this in the end. You will be a better Mom, wife and woman.


Sex and Money come up every single day, whether the words are actually spoken or not. However, literally talking about sex and money issues is often avoided and danced around. The attitude is usually that somehow, this ‘stuff’ will either just go away or get mysteriously solved. The hard truth is that if you don’t talk about the problems, they will never get resolved. Resentment will slowly simmer and seethe. And since sex and money are extremely emotionally charged topics, if you are not effective in communicating about these loaded topics, we highly encourage getting professional help. Speak your truth. Be brave and have the tough discussions. Empower yourself financially and sexually. Explain your needs, your interpretations, your assumptions. Listen to his. Try to walk in his shoes and ask him to walk in yours. Find the win/win. Stay away from being the winner, for it only produces a loser.


Before you were a Mom, you were someone else. Before you were a wife, you were something else. You had friends. You had hobbies. You had dreams. You had goals. Do not lose sight of these. Yes, some will have to take a back seat. Some will go away because priorities and interests change. But do not lose the essence of your being. Do not give all of yourself to your children, spouse and the family pet. Stay interested in your passions and you will remain passionate. Keep a toe in the water. Keep the spark alive, don’t let your inner fire burn or be put out completely. All will be richer, if you hang onto yourself.


We are excited and thrilled to offer YOU the option of becoming a Million Dollar Mommy. Grab the challenge by the horns. Be a walking testimony to positive, powerful and peaceful images and beings of motherhood. No generation has ever been more prepared or more positioned to transform motherhood into a beautiful and desirable role model. Be your own version of a Million Dollar Mommy. Claim your worth and put it out there for the world to see and emulate. What a gift to give your children. Change the respect of the role for both sons and daughters of the generation to come. Be worth it, because you are.


When you learn to listen to your inner voice, your intuition, your gut feelings, life runs much smoother. Only you, not your husband, mother, mother in law, friends or society know what it is that you need to do to be peaceful inside. Some of you need to give up your careers, now or maybe forever. Perhaps that chapter of your life is over or closed for the time being. Some of you need to keep your careers going. The career and all that it entails may be what you are best at and driven to do. If so, do it. Some of you need to do a little bit of both. Whatever the secret combination is you hold the key. Trust yourself to make the right decisions about career, staying home part time, or full time. Trust yourself to be the kind of Mom in your heart that you are and always will be.


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