Smiles From the Smile Ranch

In the past, if you wanted a nice smile and straight teeth, it involved
traditional braces. But now, the options are clear…literally. The new
procedure is Invisalign.

Dr. Doug Crosby, who has recently joined the Smile Ranch, has performed
more Invisalign cases in Utah than any other orthodontist.

The Smile Ranch is the office of Orthodontic specialist, Dr Alan Jensen.
Over the past 20+ years Dr. Jensen has built a reputation for providing
exceptional orthodontic care along the Wasatch Front. In 2008 he built
two, new, state-of-the-art offices fully clad in fun western décor and
branded it the “Smile Ranch.”

“Both parents and their kids enjoy the western atmosphere and our fun and
caring staff,” says Dr Jensen as he gives a complimentary Smile Ranch t-
shirt to a smiling new patient. “And because we use the latest technology
in orthodontics, everyone can also enjoy a healthy new smile, with more
comfort and less treatment time.”

Dr Jensen is happy to welcome Dr. Doug Crosby to the Smile Ranch. Dr.
Crosby brings extensive knowledge, training and orthodontic expertise
especially with Invisalign braces. In fact, Dr. Crosby has more Invisalign
experience than any other Invisalign provider in Utah.

“With the incredible advances in technology, Invisalign has many clear
advantages over traditional braces, “says Dr. Crosby. “It has become the
preferred choice for many teenagers and adults looking for more freedom
and less noticeable orthodontic experience.”

Invisalign advantages include:

*Digitally Scanner (No Impressions)

*No metal wires or brackets

*No food restrictions

*Freedom to remove aligners

You can schedule a FREE Invisalign consultation at the Smile Ranch and see
how Invisalign can work for you. Visit to
learn more.

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