So Sentimental: Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Emily Hover from Pioneer Party shares a few fun ideas for saying “Be Mine!”

1. Put a can of FANTA soda in a cellophane bag with some taffy and chocolate: “Make my FANTA-sy come true … Be my Valentine!”

2. Wrap up a bag of Swedish fish: “It’s O-FISH-al! I’m in love! Will you be mine” or “You’re O-FISH-ally the best kid around … Happy Valentine’s Day” or “FISHing a Happy Valentine’s to the best CATCH around!”

3. Give chocolate covered cinnamon bears, marshmallow bears, or a stuffed bear: “Moms and chocolate make life more BEAR-able!” (Can be altered in a million different ways to include sisters and friends)

4. Tie a six pack of soda with a ribbon: “You are SODA special! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

5. Wrap a can of Pringles to look like a stick of dynamite: “I think you are DYNAMITE! TNT!”

6. Tie a tag to a bottle of root beer: “Go ahead, kick up those heels! Have a ROOTIN’-TOOTIN BOOT-SCOOTIN Valentine’s Day!”

7. Tied to a purse: “Happy Valentine’s Day to someone with a cute PURSE-onality! Luv ya!”

. A bottle filled with candy: “My love for you has been BOTTLED up for too long … so here it is! I love you!”

9. Tied to a can of Crush soda: “I’ve got a CRUSH on you!”

10. Tied to a jar of honey: “Will you be my HONEY?”

11. Tied to anything sweet for a fun teacher gift: “Please sit back and enjoy a TREAT … you deserve it”.

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