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Is social media failing you? 5 things technology steals and how to take them back

Social media is fun, but it’s taking some key things away from  your relationships.

Technology has made things a lot easier for us, with a few taps of our fingertips, we can have dinner delivered to us in minutes.

Studio 5 Relationship Contributor Dr. Matt Townsend says this day of instant gratification is also failing us. He shares the five ‘A’s’ where technology and social media do us wrong.

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5 Things Technology is Stealing From You


We’re paying too much attention to social media, and not enough to real life. It’s the reason anxiety, ADHD and depression are on the rise. We’re bartering away our attention to our life to real life for an app. Dr. Townsend suggests turning off the tech for a few hours at home.


Matt says people are so focused on the world, that they’re missing out on what’s around them. They aren’t aware of relationships closest to them.


Matt says we’re even starting to lose our agency because we’re becoming victims of everything. We need to be actors in our own life instead of being acted upon all the time. “We think we’re free but the irony is we’re doing exactly what all the marketers want. We think we’re free to choose, but they’re basically helping you choose exactly what they want.”


I think it’s harder and harder to accept certain things because we see so many people that don’t have to accept a hard life, their partner not helping equally, and other things. “We just live this rich, robust life where we don’t think we have to accept anything. But the reality of life is you better get used to accepting what is. You can’t fix something unless you accept it’s broken.


We don’t have to appreciate what we got because we just assume we can get more tomorrow. “The reality of our lives is we have such an abundance going on right now that we don’t even have to appreciate even the little things anymore.”

“I challenge everyone to get your attention back and start getting into your life and start finding little things every day to appreciate.”

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