Sock Wreath

Becca Dulgarian from Blue Cricket Design shows us how to create an adorable sock wreath – for only $3!

You’ll need a 12″ Foam Wreath form and two pair of striped Tube Socks.

Cut your socks at the heel and at the toe.

Next cut the longest section of your sock in half again. You only need to do this step if you’re using more than one style of sock.In my case I uses two different striped pairs of socks and wanted to alternate them so I needed to create even sections.

Cut the Foam Wreath form in order to make a place where we can slide our socks on.

Gather your sock section and slide it on!

Once you’ve put on all your sections just spread the socks evenly to make sure it covers the entire wreath then tie a ribbon on top to hang it.

Becca Dulgarian can be found over at!

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