Creative DIY Lighting Projects

Studio 5 Contributor Jenn Heslop shares some tips on turning everyday items into extraordinary light fixtures.

Pendant lighting:

Begin your project by purchasing a pendant kit ($14.99 Lowes) or a socket & cord set ($3.99 IKEA). Pendant kits will require wiring into an existing light box; socket & cord sets are simply hung from the ceiling and plugged into an outlet. Customize your fixture by using unique items for the shade. Some fun ideas include: balls, bowls, buckets & pails, baskets, garbage can, colanders, canisters, etc.

Simply trace the socket onto the backside of the “shade”. Cut out the circle. Use the socket washer (provided in the kit) to attach the shade.


The possibilities for creating a unique one-of-a-kind lamp are endless. Begin by purchasing a lamp kit ($9.97 Home Depot). There are two types of kits: a bottle kit- the cord comes out of the side of the socket. This type is perfect for glass items. The second type is a basic lamp kit- the cord runs through the bottom of the socket, allowing you to run the wiring down through the body of the lamp. If you are rewiring an old lamp, remove the old wiring & socket, paying special attention to the order of the parts. A helpful tip is to take a few photos as you dismantle the lamp. This way you’ll be able to refer to your photos when you are installing the new wiring. Once you have decided on the object to wire, simply follow the manufactures directions found in the lamp kit.

Trophy Lamp

Studio 5 Contributor Jennifer Heslop loves turning trash into treasure. She is handy with a hammer, and has a knack for saving a dime by doing it yourself! If you have questions for Jenn, e-mail her at

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