Patriotic Party Decor

Kelly Brown with Heartland Paper Company explains how to create the perfect patriotic party décor!

Lolli-Pop flowers made from different sizes and patterns of paper make great Americana Party Décor. For outdoor parties, hang large pops from rain gutters with ribbon, or bring the fun to your table with a multi-pop centerpiece!

What You’ll Need:

1. Pattern Paper (Depending on the size you want your lolli flower to be, you may need 1 to 2 sheets of paper for one flower- the largest flower in this photo is made using 3- 4×12″ strips)

2. Scor-Pal or other scoring tool to make folds in paper

3. Adhesive for gluing strips together

4. Glue Gun

5. Any decorative elements such as a round circle punch, 3-D star or vintage images.


1. Determine the size of your flower-play with different sizes and dimension to give you a variety of Lolli’s. For these instructions, we will work on the dimensions for a 12X12 flower (perfect for hanging). The instructions are the same for all of the sizes, just change your strip size and the number of segments used.

2. For a 12″ flower you will need 2-12X12 pieces of paper. Begin by scoring the paper in 1″ intervals using the Scor-Pal or other scoring tool. (For smaller flowers, consider scoring at 1/2″ intervals)

3. Once you have scored the sheet, cut it across the scores at 6″ so that you are left with two long strips that can be folded accordion style.

4. Complete process with 2nd sheet of paper.

5. Accordion fold all pieces so they are folded like a fan.

6. Join all 4 pieces together with strong adhesive so that you have a long folded piece.

7. Glue ends of long strip together so that you end up with a ring..

8. Fold edges of ring inward until ring lays like a flat circle as shown.

9. Use glue gun to fill center of circle with glue. Hold until dry and stable.

10. Attach centers (see following pages), Ribbon, dowels, etc as desired.

Patriotic Fan

36″ Finished Size

Use 3 pieces of 3 different designs of paper.

Cut each piece to 6″12 and accordion fold.

Glue pieces together and fold outward.

Centers for Lolli Flowers

Mix and match different circles, stars, flowers and images to create the centers of your flowers.

3-D Stars

Fun stars make great centers for Lolli Flowers, but they are also fun hanging from ribbon on their own.


1. Using pattern (click here for the pattern and full instruction sheet) size desired, cut star from pattern paper.

2. Using Scor-Pal, scor star from tip to crevice on each point..

3. Fold star on each side, forcing center to pop outward.

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