Soft Summer Style: Pulling Off Head-to-Toe Neutrals

Erin Hill, manager and buyer for Albert Chloe boutique shares four fashion tips to follow.

We can all agree that head to toe black is a seemingly effortless, yet polished and sophisticated, elegant look. However, while this season’s trend of head to toe neutral is equally elegant and sophisticated, it can seem like a bit more of a challenge to put together. Here are a few tips to help achieve this look, without seeming too contrived or matchy-matchy.

1) Mix color palettes within the same color family. Don’t focus on trying to match items exactly. There are so many neutrals- whether you are putting together an outfit in shades of white, ivory, beige or grey, choose items that variations of the same tone rather than trying to wear one solid color.

2) Since the all over color palette is neutral, don’t be afraid to mix in different prints, patterns, and textures. Mixing in a pattern or different texture, such as a ruffle or rouching, can create depth and drama so the outfit doesn’t appear “flat” or dull.

3) Look for items with special details or embellishments. By choosing a neutral item with details such as studs, sequins, or beading, you instantly create visual interest. Also, because neutral colors naturally tend to look soft and elegant, don’t be afraid to look for items that have a feminine touch, such as a hint of lace or a bow, to enhance the softness of the look.

4) Use accessories to add an extra touch of glamour to the look. Whether it’s a great statement handbag, a long necklace, or a stack of gold or silver bangles, accessories can glam up the look and instantly pull everything together giving you a complete polished outfit. Look for items that add that extra finishing touch without contrasting or competing too much.

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