Sophie’s Songs: The Power of Music to Heal

Studio 5’s Jennifer Stagg met with the Barton family.

17-year-old Sophie Rose Barton had accomplished more in her young life than many people ever dream of. She was a recording artist, a cheerleader, beautiful, talented, and loved by essentially everyone she came in contact with. But her life was cut short suddenly last summer when she collapsed and died last summer at girls’ camp.

Sophie had always taken center stage during musical performances, with her older sister, Tessa, singing backup vocals. But after Sophie died, Tessa stepped out into the spotlight, and recruited her brothers to play instruments. Together, they formed a band—Tessa and the Nubs.

They say they can feel their sister, Sophie, each time they perform. They believe she lives on through them, and their music.

A CD of the songs Sophie and Tessa used to sing together, can be purchased at The Store in Holladay. See the next live performance by Tessa and the Nubs here:

January 27
8:00 p.m.
The Velour
135 No. University Ave.

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