Sort it Out: Key Organizing Questions

Professional Organizer Vicki Winterton shares one key question for five common clutter conundrums.

What to Keep? – Home Organization Tips

The best definition of clutter I’ve ever heard comes from organizing guru, Barbara Hemphill. She defines clutter as “postponed decisions”. In my business as a Utah based professional organizer, I have found that one of the top three reasons my clients contact me for organizing help deals with their inability to make decisions. They have a difficult time deciding “what to keep” and “what to let go” in relation to their papers, objects, memorabilia, etc.

One of the many hats I wear as an organizer is that of “organizing coach”. I never tell my clients that they have to get rid of anything. That decision is up to them. My role is to present questions that will move my clients along the decision making process as we organize their home spaces together. Some of the top residential trouble spots I help organize include:

• kitchen cupboards

• garage shelves

• children’s school keepsakes

• things of sentimental value &

• important papers

If you would like copies of the suggested questions and additional organizing suggestions for each of the home trouble spots listed, visit my website for great trouble spot tips.

When you get stuck in the decision making process necessary to home organization, I suggest you first consider this:

• If you use it and/or love it, KEEP IT.

• If you don’t use it or don’t love it, LET IT GO.

The benefits of living a more organized life include more personal energy and greater peace of mind. Deciding what to keep is a very good start AND today is the day to decide!

To download Vicki’s ‘Important Documents Retention Guide’ and ‘Child Keepsakes Guide’ visit her website by clicking here. These will be available for free download until September 10, 2010.

Vicki Winterton is a professional organizer and an online organizing expert who co-hosts The Organized Woman Show. To listen to her shows, visit Vicki’s Utah based professional organizing business, ORGANIZING Mind over Matter, is found at

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