The Art of Mixing and Matching Furniture

Designer and blogger Kirsten Krason helps cure us of the “bed in a bag” syndrome.

There are a lot of people out there who have what I like to call “the bed in a bag syndrome”. This is where a homeowner will buy all their furniture to match because it’s convenient. Matching sofa, matching love-seat, matching coffee and end tables. Many people do this because they think it’s the only way. Little do they know that matching sets make a room flat and boring. When people walk into your room you want their eye to jump from piece to piece. Create excitement. Instead of buying pieces that match together stick to buying pieces that “fit” together. Here are a few ways to do that.

Leather + Upholstery

You can mix leather with upholstery. I have a matching chair and sofa but then we threw in a leather love seat to mix it up. This is a really easy tip for people to follow.

It’s All In the Touch

If you don’t like leather bring in a patterned chair or something with texture. This is a great way to break the room up and add some interest. Have one upholstered chair and another chair next to it that has a cool wooden frame or even a wicker one.

Mix Old With New

I believe that every room should have something of sentimental value or something that has a little history to it. Find a great piece on KSL, fix it up and mix it in with new furniture. Now your room tells more of a story than just, “I went to the store and bought this set of furniture.” Your room has become special and unique.

Shape It Up

Mix finishes and shapes. Bring in a round coffee table with square end tables. They don’t have to be the same color or finish. A metal end table can look great with a wooden coffee table. Painted furniture is huge right now. If you have a dark wooden bed lighten the room up by adding cream night stands. If your end tables are the same height they can be totally different from each other. One can be swirly and circular and the other straight and streamlined.

But it’s Not My Style!

It’s okay to mix styles. Why not have a modern chair next to a traditional end table? Who wants a room to be so predictable?

Toss the Pillows

Rethink the pillows that came with your couch. Chances are they are the exact same pattern and material. This adds no interest to your sofa. Bring in some contrasting colors and patterns to add some excitement. (I have lots of fun pillows in my bedroom and living room!)

Keep Your Balance

It’s okay for some pieces to match. By having one or two items match it keeps the room from being completely chaotic. If you are going to have all different furniture bring in two matching end tables. It’s a balancing act.

The most important thing is to just throw all the rules out the window. Buy what you love and don’t worry so much about what you think it’s supposed to look like. Think, “why not” more often and create a room that is interesting and special.

Kirsten Krason is a designer and blogger. She loves mixing her two passions of blogging and Interior Design to bring advice and inspiration to her thousands of readers. If you are in need of full service design services or even just a consultation she is happy to help. Visit for more information.

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