Souper Bar Buffet

Becky Low, with the Dairy Farmers of Utah, shows us how to create a Souper Bar Buffet!

Q. Okay, how does this work?

What is your diet goal for 2011? Include more heart healthy omega 3’s, get 3 dairy every day, eat more veggies, do the whole grain thing, lower the sodium, eat whole and fresh foods? Here’s a way to do it with a taste friendly souper bowl:

Step 1: Create Soup Base.

It’s a simple soup base – combine equal portions chicken broth and stewed tomatoes. For example one 15-oz can chicken broth and one 15-oz can stewed tomatoes. Your choice – make it homemade or canned, low sodium, chunky, Italian or Mexican style. You choose. You will want to have approximately 3/4 to 1 cup soup base per person. Bring the base to a full rolling boil. Your choice is also in low-fat, reduced sodium, etc.

According to the Campbell’s Soup Company, Salt Lake consumes more soup per capita than any other city in the country — move over green Jello… In fact, the average kitchen pantry has at least 6 cans of soup on the shelf – tomato, chicken noodle, and (of course) cream of mushroom. For today’s recipe you could use one of those 6 cans of soup on your pantry shelf (1 can of chicken noodle soup and 1 can of tomato soup, if condensed reconstituted according to package directions).

Step 2: Select Fillings.

Again, your choice. Basically it’s a variety of cheese, veggies (canned, frozen, fresh – your choice), meat and grains. See recipe for ideas. Choose those foods which are nutrient rich, most lacking in your diet, and will help you meet your New Year Diet goals – note, this is a great way to work on the 10 lb challenge
Pre-cook meats and firm vegetables. Shred, dice, slice and chop ingredients into small pieces which will warm quickly. Place approximately 1/4-1/2 cup filling in soup bowl and ladle approximately 1 cup boiling soup base over top.

Do-Ahead Diet /Quick Meal Tip:
One of the road blocks to healthier eating is all about timing. When we’re hungry we have a tendency to eat what’s available rather than healthy choices. So make the healthy available and knock that road block down by preparing healthy filling ingredients and placing them in the refrigerator in easy access container(s). This makes it a fantastic way to enjoy your veggies, great way to get whole grains, and an easy way to get your 3 dairy a day.

How do you use this recipe idea?
Healthy, Customized, Hot Soup for cold winter days
Souper Bar Party, or Pot Luck – you provide the base, everyone brings their own add-in
Use up Leftovers

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