Spark Your Creative Voice

Studio 5 caught up with some local designers, who created an outlet for women to share their talents with each other.

Rhonna Ferrer, Elizabeth Kartchner and Margi Romney-Aslett came up with a concept for an event they call SPARK, a two day retreat where women are inspired through other creative artisans.

About 150 women gathered at This is the Place in Salt Lake City for the event.
Some of the women already had a creative talent.
But others came to learn.

At the end of the weekend, the women finished off with a symbolic fireside, lighting each other’s sparklers. And once the event was over, the women say they had overwhelming feedback. Everyone wanted to know when the next Spark will take place. The organizers say there definitely will be another Spark this year, but they are still deciding on a date.

You can check out Spark’s website, for updates and announcements.

Elizabeth Kartchner, who helped organize the SPARK event shares five tips to Spark your own inner creativity.

1. Explore: Don’t be afraid to try new things.

2. Don’t Compare: Never compare your work to others. Everyone is different.

3. Don’t Force It: Meditate, listen to music, or do other things that get you in the creative mood.

4. Find Your Strength: Find something you are good at and keep practicing.

5. Share Your Talents: Don’t keep your talents to yourself. Show them off on a blog, or invite friends and neighbors over to see your projects.

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