novelty ice cream shops

Apparently spicy ice cream is a thing?! Here are the must-visit novelty ice cream shops in Utah

There are some unique ice cream flavors out there. But if you think bubblegum is as crazy as it gets, you’re in for a treat. Utah is bursting with interesting tastes, but you have to know where to find them!

Chelsea Fairbourn shares the novelty ice cream shops where you can find some different flavors, like balsamic and habanero!


Novelty Ice Cream Shops Across Utah

Nils Swedish Creamery

Location: Plain City
Suggested flavors: White Chocolate Raspberry Habanero, Banana Creme

Cannery Creamery

Location: North Ogden
Suggested flavors: Blood Orange, Honey Lavender

Bowtie Creamery

Suggested flavors: Raspberry Sour Cream, Horchata, Chai Tea

Normal Ice Cream

Location: Trolley Square
Suggested flavor: Graham cracker ice cream with chocolate and marshmallow

Spilled Milk Bar

Location: Food truck in Salt Lake City
Suggested flavors: Cap’n Crunch, Apple Jacks

The Scoop

Location: West Jordan
Suggested flavors: Blue Mint, Graham Canyon, your favorite university ice cream flavor

Brookers Founding Flavors

Location: Vineyard
Suggested flavors: Give Me Chocolate or Give Me Death, Franklin’s Black Raspberry if You Can Keep It

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  • You missed Blacksmith Ice Cream Co. in Bountiful! They use only fresh fruits and premium ingredients to make all the ice cream in house, on their freezer pans. You can get it scooped, or make your own custom flavor and have it rolled right there while you watch. So fun! This is seriously the best ice cream I’ve ever had!