Spinal Aid: Back Aid for Winter Shoveling

Dr. Robert Park, a 2nd generation chiropractor, visits Studio 5 to talk about winter activities that can put your back in danger … the biggest is shoveling snow off your drive-way. Are you doing it the safest way?


If you’re a very young person shoveling snow or skiing and you feel some pain in the back, that typically is something acute like a strain or a sprain of a muscle and can be treated with ice and anti-inflammatory medications.

If you are a little older, say in your 30’s on up, and you feel a strong pain during these activities it is more likely a symptom of a more chronic problem such as bulging or herniated discs caused by degeneration.

Dr. Park demonstrated the four ways your discs can evolve from healthy to herniated and the various stages a disc will go through before you feel the painful consequences.

Decompression provided by your nearest Spinal Aid Centercan help these problems. Here’s how it can help:

• Relieves pressure on discs and nerves

o From herniated or bulging disks

o From Stenosis

o From Sciatica

• Creates negative pressure within the disc – drawing in herniated material and creating an atmosphere where the disk can actually heal itself.

• Outpatient Treatment

• Non Surgical and Drug Free

• Extremely high success rate and it is non surgical so FAR less down time.


Spinal Aid is the nation’s largest health franchise dedicated only to relieving Chronic and Severe Back Pain. Come in for a free trial at any of the spinal aid centers in Utah to see if you are a candidate. Spinal Aid has centers in Brigham City, American Fork, South Jordan, Centerville and St. George. Call 1 877 4 LOW BACK for the center nearest you or go to www.spinalaid.com

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