Natural Health and Wellness: Back Injuries

Dr. Brandon Allred with Natural Health and Wellness, has with tips you should know.


What is important to know when you are driving to minimize injuries?

1) Make sure the headrest is in the correct position—the correct position is to have the middle of the headrest touch the middle of the head while leaning back.

2) Drive with both hands on the steering wheel—use the wheel as a support so excessive movement is minimized

3) Tense up muscles and hold as firmly as possible—if you are relaxed your body will respond like jello which can increase your chance for more severe injuries. If your body is firm or tight, your neck and spine will be exposed to less motion.

Even if you have followed these steps, there is still a risk of injury.

What types of injuries do you find are most common and what can you do to help them?

One of the most common injuries is whiplash, even after a little fender bender. A whiplash is when the neck or the spine gets impacted without resistance. It doesn’t take very much force to get a whiplash. It all depends on how you are sitting, where the headrest is positioned, if your neck is turned, where you are looking, etc.

When a patient comes in to seek treatment after a car accident, the first thing we do is perform an extensive chiropractic examination. It includes all the accident details, with 45 tests including flexibility and range of motion. We can take all of the necessary x-rays in the office and evaluate the outcome on the spot. Once a diagnosis has been make the first goal with treatment is pain relief and second to correct spinal misalignments caused from the accident. This is a safe and effective way to treat whiplash and other injuries. These spinal adjustments can only be performed by a specific group of doctor with specialized training.

Our goal is to help people get well after an accident and we have a wonderful staff to help you through this process.

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