What’s Your Exercise Personality?

Registered Dietitian, Melanie Douglass helps you match your personality to your exercise.

Take this quick 4-question quiz to help you decipher which exercise is best for you:

Which best describes your relationship with exercise:

1. I enjoy exercising and do it because it makes me feel healthier.

2. I workout to achieve a specific goal each day (miles, time, calories burned, etc).

3. I need a little push to get going when it comes to exercise.

4. I exercise whenever the mood strikes, but not on a consistent schedule.

How do you prefer to workout?

1. On a structured, consistent basis — at approx. the same time on most days of the week.

2. I only like to do activities that are familiar and comfortable to me.

3. I want someone to workout with me, or tell me what to do.

4. Doesn’t matter, I do whatever the conditions allow based on weather, season, time, etc.

What best describes you?

1. I am a planner.

2. I am competitive.

3. I like to socialize.

4. I am adventurous.

Which best describes how you fit exercise into your day?

1. Exercise is a priority and I have no problem fitting it into my day.

2. I make it fit, but I’m on a schedule. I set specific, incremental goals to get me through it, like counting laps, miles, or time intervals.

3. If someone else sets up the time and place, or if there is a class schedule, I can stick to it.

4. I’m really busy and don’t have time to exercise regularly.


1’s = 1 point

2’s = 2 points

3’s = 3 points

4’s = 4 points

4 – 6 Points: You are likely a “Self Motivator”:

* You have no problem making the time to exercise, but self- motivators tend to do more cardio (or the same thing over and over again) and can hit training plateaus, so at least once per week, do something different to challenge your body in a different way.

* Invite others to workout with you so they can benefit from your self-discipline.

* Best activities:

   o Yoga

   o Pilates

   o Toning

   o These activities are good for variety and compliment the usually cardio-heavy “self-motivator’s” routine

7 – 9 Points: You are likely a “Milestone Tracker “:

* Train for a race or goal-oriented event.

* Use devices like pedometer, a global positioning system (satellite tracker), etc to track progress and keep you motivated.

* Utilize equipment consoles to track time, miles, calories, etc.

* Best activities:

   o Treadmills

   o Outdoor walking or running

   o Cycling

   o Swimming laps

   o Strength training (counting reps & sets keeps you going strong)

10 – 12 Points: You are likely a “Direction Seeker”:

* Make appointments to exercise with friends or a personal trainer.

* Workout first thing in the morning! The later in the day, the higher the likelihood of canceling.

* Best activities:

   o Workout videos (invite someone over to do it with you)

   o Personal training sessions

   o Group fitness classes like kick-boxing, step, pilates, yoga, cycling

   o Group walking

13 – 16 Points: You are likely a “Spontaneous Mover”:

* Always have supplies on hand so when the mood strikes and/or the time is right, you don’t waste any time! Something like a crazy workout video you’ve always wanted to try or snow shoes ready and waiting by the door.

* Keep fitness visual reminders around the house:

   o Workout shoes by the door.

    o Write why you need to exercise on a post-it note and stick it on your bathroom mirror.

* Strike while it’s hot, make the most of your session and go for as long and hard as you can because who knows when you get to do this again!

* Best activities:

    o Outdoors activities: skiing, snow shoeing, hiking, etc.

   o Running or walking (all you have to do is put on shoes and go, so no wasted time).

   o Unique activities like belly dancing, Zumba, tai chi or racquet ball.

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