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Stay present during the holidays. 4 ways to feel calm this busy season

Make memories and be present during the holidays.

It’s the most magical time of the year, but it can also be the most stressful. If your turkey doesn’t turn out just right this Thanksgiving, or if the gift your ordered won’t get here in time for the Christmas party, we want to help you keep calm during the sometimes-hectic holidays.

Life Coach Tiffany Peterson shares ways we can stay present amidst the busyness. It’s a skill that’s always important, but we believe it’s especially needed this time of year.

You can find more advice from Tiffany on Instagram @tiffpeterson or at tiffanyspeaks.com.


How to Stay Present During the Holidays


Getting clear on essentials and core desires for your holiday season…what matters most to you?


Less is More

The temptation to do all the things in the holidays…yet leaning in deeper to our true priorities…perhaps saying yes less yet what is a yes is really a yes…


Nourish That Self-Care

Sleep, rest, movement, all those basic self-care needs with added attention. When we feel better, we show up better.



Most everything will work well again when we unplug. Take time off all the noise and cultivate the quiet.

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