Stay Sane: Flowers of Summer 2012

In our challenge to help you stay sane this summer, we’ll help you decide
to make your front yard colorful and impressive. It all comes down to
the right flowers in your planters and beds.

John Rader, from Proven Winners, explains how Snow Princess can solve
flower problems.

The Snow Princess can be planted in a variety of locations, from beds to
planters to pots. It’s hardy and can thrive under most conditions. Even if it
goes through a rough patch, you can cut it back, water it well, and it should

To see some “recipes” of how you can plant Snow Princess and pair it with
other flowers in your front yard, click

Snow Princess can be found wherever Proven Winners plants are sold.

1. Cactus and Tropicals
2. Diamond Bar Grow Systems
3. Glover Nursery
4. IFA Stores
5. McCoard’s Garden Center
6. Millcreek Garden Center
7. Sunroc
8. Trellis Garden Center
9. Valley Nursery
10. Wasatch Shadows
11. Western Garden Centers
12. Home Depot

For more flower ideas, visit

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