Making a Shutter Planter

Add plants to a classic plantation shutter and you have a statement
gardening project for your front porch!

Blogger Cynthia Bee of “Utah Garden Blogs” explains how to make a shutter

Step 1: Find a suitable shutter. The best material to use is a solid
shutter but a pvc or plastic one will also work. Avoid one made of composite
wood materials as it will absorb the water and have a short lifespan.

Step 2: Decide how you will use the shutter. If you intend to make
it a free-
standing screen, you’ll need to build ‘feet’ to stand the shutter up. Ideally,
the shutter will be held 1″ or so off the ground so it won’t wick up water and
can dry out throughly between waterings. If you intend to hang it on a wall,
you’ll need to add corner blocks to hold it at the proper distance from the
wall after planting. (I will get pictures of both ways tomorrow but I’ll bring it
with ‘feet’ for the show).

Step 3: Staple roofing felt to the shutter slats to create pockets that
can be
planted. The best type of felt to use is called Tuf Felt and it can be
purchased online from Sutherland Felt
. They will sell to homeowners
and this is the felt used for any type of vertical green wall.

Step 4: Fill the pockets with potting soil.

Step 5: Add hardy sedums or sempervivums (Hens and Chicks) to

Alternate: You can use herbs or non-hardy succulents but plants
should be
waterwise if you’re going to use the set up outdoors.

For a complete tutorial, visit Utah Garden Blogs:

Cynthia is a landscape designer who recently ditched her consulting biz for
the opportunity to work for a local botanical garden where she gets to teach
others about all the things she loves. She believes the joy of a garden is not
in the product but in the process- and sometimes her process is messy!

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