Spring Clean from the Inside Out

Spruce up more than just your living space, clean your “inner” clutter and get
a fresh outlook on life.

Spring is notorious for associating with cleaning and de-cluttering. Magazine
covers, blogs, and conversations alike frequently focus on the power of
Spring Cleaning – and how getting organized, letting go of unused items,
sprucing up our spaces – has a powerful effect on our lives and homes. It is
so true!

What about cleaning up our “Inner Space?”

We may be holding onto grudges or resentments? Self doubt or fear? The
incessant “never enough, not measuring up” chatter? Or perhaps we’re simply
so busy and distracted that we feel all cluttered up inside.

It’s easy to recognize clutter on the outside in our physical spaces, yet for
today’s focus, let’s also look at the clutter that’s on the inside.

Just like a paper stack gone bad and overfilling, our inner space of thoughts,
feelings, and distractions can also pile up and lead to feelings of overwhelm,
frustration, and at times fear. The effects of this inner clutter begin to zap
our energy and steal our joy.

Here are three tips to try out in your own life to help you clear the inner
clutter and access greater peace and calm.

1. Meditate. There are many studies and research to the power of
meditation where one creates time to simply breathe and quiet the mind.
Meditation has been shown to positively impact all sorts of physical and
emotional illnesses, create greater calm and peace, and give balance. You can
utilize guided meditation from iTunes or simply practice breathing in and out
for 5 minutes while focusing on something you’re grateful for. There is no
wrong way to meditate and even if your mind is still cluttered with to do lists
and laundry piles, stick with it and you will find this powerful habit pay large
dividends to your inner calm and peace of mind.

2. Give yourself a technology time out. That’s right – take an hour
to a full weekend break of your cell phone, internet, and social media that is
creating so much busyness in your brain. If you’re fully addicted to your
technology begin with an hour or an afternoon. Allow yourself to unplug and
by doing so, you’ll likely feel more calm and connected to yourself and those
around you in the flesh – versus virtual profiles and tweets. When we
decrease the outer noise, we create room for greater peace all around.

3. Take yourself on a date. Many times the inner clutter can have a
critical tone to ourselves. “You’re behind on the laundry. You’re still carrying
that 20 pounds of baby weight. You’ve got bags under eyes, etc.” A grand
way to make a dent in the inner clutter is to have your behavior enforce that
you are worthy and deserving and simply fantastic just as you are. So take
some time to celebrate yourself. Go get your favorite treat, buy a new purse,
get a pedicure, or go lounge in your favorite bookstore. Sometimes the best
thing we can do for the inner noise is to take a break, change up our
environment, and go have some fun. It will get you moving, into action, and
in the direction that you take good care of you. And when we take care of
ourselves and extend kindnesses in our own behalf, we align our behavior to
match the belief that we matter.

Take an inventory of your own inner clutter.

Based on what you see and feel, listen to your intuition (the wise guide
amidst the clutter) and honor what your heart says.

Take time for you on a regular basis. Meditate. Get in nature. Pamper
yourself. Utilize a journal or an accountability buddy to support you in de-
cluttering the noise and creating more of the calm. Treat yourself like you’re
a top priority in your life and commit to throwing out the old, negative, and
critical voices that are so 1995 and outdated. Your inner rock star is ready for
a new, spring cleaned outlook on life!

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