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Stop Snoring and Start Sleeping

Snoring is a big issue for a lot of people. Many couples sleep in separate bedrooms because one partner snores. But it can be corrected.

Dr. Brian Peterson, an accomplished Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor with South Valley ENT in West Jordan and Saratoga Springs shares details about a unique procedure to stop snoring.

DO YOU OR YOUR PARTNER SNORE? This is a most common problem among couples who have difficulty sleeping because of the noisy person next to them. For many, it is so bad they are unable to sleep in the same room as their partner.

Dr. Brian Peterson sees patients of all ages, and caliber – but snoring is something he sees as a big problem with his patients.

“What causes people to snore is the palate in their mouth vibrates as they sleep. With this procedure, I inject a solution into the mouth that hardens the palate and causes the snoring to stop.” Dr. Peterson says.

This procedure is quick, inexpensive, and can be done in about 15 minutes in the office. “Many people don’t know this procedure is available to them.” Dr. Peterson says. “We have been able to help so many couples who experience snoring problems. These patients are happier because they can now be close to each other without the noise.”

To schedule an appointment to see Dr. Peterson or one of his associates Dr. Garner B. Meads, or Dr. Ryan Gilbert at South Valley ENT, call 801-566-8304.

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