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Struggling with the working mom life? Here are 5 ways to strike the balance

Some working mom life hacks will help you get things done.

If you’re trying to manage working from home, and mom life at the same time, you’ve probably had an unwelcome interruption or two. It’s a lot to manage and juggle, but a thoughtful approach can help it feel a little less chaotic.

Business Coach Michelle Gifford shares with five work-from-home strategies that can help you run a business and a house at the same time.

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Working Mom Life Hacks: How to Get Work Done with Kids at Home

  • Create a to-do list before you work (I do this the night before so that when I have time to work I don’t waste my time trying to figure out what to do)
  • Have conversations with your kids and set expectations (I use a stop sign to let my kids know I’m in a meeting)
  • Have work times and prepare your kids for them
  • Protect your work time (when your kids are busy and you have time to work, do only the work that you can’t do with your kids around)
  • Accept the messiness of it all

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