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art afternoon
Laurie White

Stuck at home? Have an art afternoon with these 3 resources

An art afternoon will give extra time at home a fun spin.

Whether it’s a cold, or a bout with Covid – if you’ve had a stretch of sickness in your home, you know the days get long.

Studio 5 creative guest and kids art instructor, Laurie White, offers a way to take that time back – at least a little bit. She came to Studio 5 with three ways to make a stay-at-home sick day productive and enjoyable by staging an at-home art experience.

Find more art inspiration from Laurie at, or on Instagram, @greatartistmom.


3 Resources for an Art Afternoon

Art & Literature Experiences

Pair a beloved picture book with an art project. Using Laurie’s guided drawing method, your student creates a masterpiece of their very own that is inspired by the book’s illustrations.

Click here for Laurie’s “Where the Wild Things Are” lesson plan, and here for the drawing guide.

Guided Drawings on YouTube

Every child is an artist. Laurie believes that with a little instruction, your child will grow in confidence that they can draw anything.  Let your child draw-along to a guided tutorial.

Great Artist Bios & Masterpiece Art Lessons

Learn a little history on the life of a famous artist – and what makes their masterpiece great. Have a drawing experience based on that composition.

Laurie White is a mother of 7, an art teacher and the creator of the Great Artist Program which is an elementary art education curriculum with the mission: “Finding the Great Artist in Every Child.” The Great Artist Program is used in elementary schools across the United States.

Laurie has been teaching and volunteering in elementary schools and her home for over 25 years. Laurie is passionate that every child is an artist, and creating art brings JOY.

Find Laurie’s art resources at and @greatartistmom on Instagram.


  • I looked for Laurie White on youtube to subscribe to her channel and I simply can’t find her. Can you send me a link or give me information as to how to access her program or subscribe to her youtube channel?