paper quilling

You’re not looking at a drawing! Paper quilling is a unique artform you can learn

Have you heard of paper quilling?

It’s painting a picture with strips of paper – some straight, some curled, and all colorful. Paper quilling is an art form that’s super interesting to look at.

Artist Erin Hayes stopped by Studio 5 to give an introduction.

See more artwork from Erin on Instagram, @naturalbornquillerut.


Erin Hayes is a quilling artist in Salt Lake City. She picked up the art in the early days of quarantine as a way to visit the places she was missing while in lockdown. Erin lives with her husband, two kids and a spoiled dog. Find and follow Erin @naturalbornquillerut on Instagram.

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  • We were doing quilling in the 1970’s. Hahaha!! I’ve got some I did back then in a box somewhere. Everything old is new again. Her work was beautiful.