mini terrarium
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Make a mini terrarium! This foolproof tutorial steps out the simple process

A mini terrarium will freshen up your winter home.

Give your creative side a spark, and get your green thumb going. We’re making a mini hanging garden – a small glass terrarium that brings a little life to the month of January.

Master Gardener Tara Mayoros has the how-to. It’s pretty much foolproof! Tara shares what kinds of plants make a glass terrarium super easy to take care of. She shares small pieces to put into your vessel to add texture and interest.

Find more plants from Tara on Instagram, @taracottapots.

Tara Mayoros is an author of several books, screenwriter to over a dozen films in production, film director, set designer, talent scout, business woman, master gardener, and DIYer.  Her work has been featured from Disney to HGTV and many places in between. For inspiration, Tara heads to the rugged Utah mountains to either snow ski or water ski with her husband and children.  She loves Dr. Pepper and Indian food. You can find her at @TaraCottaPots, @TaraMayoros on Instagram.

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