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Stuck in a creative rut? 3 solutions that will spark your creativity

We all find ourselves in a creative rut every once in a while.

This time of year is all about finding your flow, but, it’s easy to feel burnt out… especially creatively!

Artist Natalie Malan From shares a few solutions that break the creative barrier, from reigniting old passion projects to finding a new hobby to love.

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How to Pull Yourself Out of a Creative Rut

Natalie shares a few of her own creative practices that help you to just start. She says sometimes, that’s the most important part!

Start a Creative Folder

Natalie keeps a creative folder on her phone, and another creative folder with printed inspiration. She looks for anything and everything that could inspire her. From flowers, to pretty places, to color palettes and pretty Pinterest pictures, save it all.

Keep an Ugly Sketchbook

Natalie says to tell yourself that you don’t have to show it to anyone, and you can rip anything out that you want. She says this practice reduces the stress to be perfect and lets you be creative. Grab a book from the dollar store or Walmart, and let the inspiration flow.

Prep the Day Before

Natalie says this is key. “On the days that I don’t have to empty out and clean my water dishes and refill them I start way faster,” she says. Being prepared and ready to create the day before lets it flow faster and takes some of the pressure off of starting a big project.

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