Studio 5 at Alt Design Summit: Carving Out Time for Your Business

The Altitude Design Summit is an annual conference about all things creative
– it’s also a great place for women looking to grow their business. But for the
busy mom-on-the-go, how do you keep that side business from getting

Megan Auman is a designer, educator and creator of the blog “Designing an
MBA.” She shares her advice with Studio 5’s Brooke Walker.

Megan created DMBA to help designers and makers polish their basic
business skills, while also helping develop skills specific to a designed-based
business. It was her DMBA post titled “Etsy and the culture of cheap,”
critiquing the general lowering of prices on marketplaces such as Etsy as
artificial and not reflective of the actual costs associated with producing
handmade goods for profit, which struck a huge chord with art & design
folks worldwide (Megan’s designs are so popular, however, Etsy still
showcased her as a featured seller). Megan also takes what she shares on
DMBA as a faculty member of the Masters of Professional Studies in the
Business of Art and Design at MICA, the only Masters program in the nation
offering business management education specifically for artists, designers
and related professionals. Her expertise in the business of the art & design
world stems from her own success with her design-based businesses. Megan
has designed everything from accessories like the wildly popular cozy/cuff, a
bracelet that doubles as a reusable coffee cup cozy, to home decor like her
line of metal home decor (predominately working with steel). Currently
Megan is focused on her first love of jewelry, taking her over 10 years of
study and practice in metalsmithing, family legacy working in steel, simple-
but-statement-making design sense, and set of tools that makes her
husband’s friends jealous to create her eponymous jewelry line of steel and
recycled sterling silver jewelry.

To learn more about Megan, visit

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