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Studio 5 At-Home Activity Plan: For the Love of Dogs

Dogs bring joy, goofiness, and laughter. They also symbolize companionship and loyalty, two qualities that are both important for kids to learn and are of value during this stressful time.

Author and children’s craft-creator, Amanda Kingloff shares this darling roundup of ideas for the dog days of quarantine!

At-Home Activity Plan:  For the Love of Dogs

Craft Connection


Pom-Pom Poodle Pull Toy  

I love this pull-toy dog craft that was featured in my first book, Project Kid. It mixes upcycled materials, basic household materials, and traditional craft supplies and it introduces kids to thinking of objects in a different way.  There’s also such a sweet visual of a kid pulling a little homemade dog behind them.

(Excerpted from Project Kid, Published by Artisan Books, 2014. Photos by Alexandra Grablewski)

Snack Break

Mini hot-dogs, challenge the kids to drink water out of a bowl like a dog, paw-tatoe chips, bowl of kibbles & bits (aka, snack mix), pup-peroni pizza.  What’s easy about these ideas is that you don’t have to do anything special…just change the names to get a smile out of your kids!

Media Moment

Watch an episode of Paw Patrol, Talking Tom & Friends, or Scooby Doo.

Out & About

Call up a friend or neighbor and ask if you can walk their dog!   Since we have to stay away from friends, it might be comforting for kids to get the chance to hang out with a furry friend.

Go outside and hunt for bones…just like our four-legged friends would!  Either hide dog bones or paper cut into a bone shape, and send your kids out into the yard to hunt for the special golden bone that they can redeem for a prize!  Play silly dog-themed games to get the kids moving like a four-legged race, fetch, or a best-in-show competition!

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