Studio 5 Cookbook Review: Barefoot Contessa: Foolproof

Home cooks want foolproof recipes that work every time. So in today’s Studio 5 Cookbook Review, Marguerite Henderson peeks inside the pages of Ina Garten’s newest cookbook to find out if the book lives up to its title.

Marguerite Henderson loves the Barefoot Contessa’s style! Here’s why:

Her books should be a staple in a cookbook collection because the photos are true to the recipe.
Ingredients in the recipes are easily found in most supermarkets. The seasonality of the recipes
are timely. Her recipes are not trendy. Not complicated. If you can read, you can follow each recipe.

She is easy breezy in her approach. And makes her guests feel at home when she entertains on her TV shows. She doesn’t pretend to be a “chef” where complicated dishes are the star. Just good food is the star of each dish.

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