Studio 5 Fall Shopping Guide

We’ve combed through all of the hot fall fashion trends to find the ones that fit our style: classic, polished and pieces that are actually practical for the everyday woman.

Fashion Consultant Emily Bell McCormick shares the look to be on the lookout for.

No matter how much you love fashion, sometimes you look at the runway styles and think, “are we on the same planet??” While others are out of this world and change the way we dress every day.

Here are a few runway trends that will be finding their way into our daily wear. So pick a few of your favorites and incorporate them.

Thick-heeled pumps: These give a softer look, and balance out the leg. Stilettos will undoubtedly enter the fashion scene again, but for now, enjoy the fact that these thicker heels are easier to walk in and help balance a woman’s figure. Try wearing a simple, monochrome outfit with a pair of these as the statement piece.

White collars: White collars are up and coming. You’ll find them scalloped, like on a knit T-shirt, or a squared dress collar on a wool sweater. They are classy, and add a little pop to a simple, classic look.

Cropped trousers: What were once floods, are now the peak of fashion. Pants in general are running shorter this season, hitting above the ankle. This is true for both men and women. With the trouser, in a heavy or light wool, the fit should be trim cut, but not the ultra-skinnies that cling to every inch of your leg. This is a flattering, sophisticated addition to every wardrobe.

Blazers: I love these this season because you can tote them around with you as an actual jacket…and pair it with almost anything you’re wearing that day. Blazers come and go, but these are tailored, colored (or not) and easy to wear dressy or casual. Don’t be afraid to do a heavier, tailored wool blazer with boyfriend jeans or a light, linen blazer with a dress. Both looks work.

40s sunglasses: These are taking us back to Havana in the 40s, with a variety of colors and materials. These are a Fall 2013 MUST. Sunglasses are a simple, affordable way to change your look and make a statement about your personal style.

Leather: Leather is back and bold this fall. Leather jackets are in; from heavy, motorcycle-style cuts, to the collarless tailored fit. But this season is not just about jackets. We’re seeing pants and skirts. The thing to embrace this season is a more polished look. Try a leather jacket with a dress or, if you’re bold and want to give leather pants a whirl, go classier with a blouse and pearls.

Loafers: Move over ballet flats, this season loafers are queen. They are comfortable, available in a million prints and varieties…and comfortable. They look GREAT with the cropped trouser for a classy look.

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