Studio 5 Human Lab: Purex Complete 3-in-1

Three women put the new Purex Complete 3-in-1 to the test in our Studio 5 Human Lab.

Rating System

1 = Don’t waste your money.

2 = Slight results, not yet a fan.

3 = Like it, not a “must buy”.

4 = Really like it.

5 = Love it!

Laci’s Score = 3

– Wash cycle a breeze.

– Dry cycle is stressful – is the sheet in there?

– Not a strong scent.

Summer’s Score = 4

– Favorite thing? Convenience.

-Clean. No messy soap and bulky containers.

-A little pricey.

Nan’s Score = 3

– Convenient

– Liked the scent

-Too much money! More than I currently spends on all laundry products combined.

Destry’s Score = 2

-No quantity control

-Couldn’t control softener

-Not economical

-Cleaned well

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